Inositol Haizi is engaged in the manufacture, marketing and sale of inositol and di-calcium phosphate (“DCP”) a by-product of inositol. Haizi has the world’s second largest inositol production capacity at 2,500 tonnes per annum. Its production process produces organic inositol, and its strategy is to develop premium quality organic inositol at a competitive price as the market preference is for organic over inorganic sourced inositol. Inositol is a vitamin-B like ingredient for healthcare products such as energy drinks, infant milk powder and vitamin supplements. It has been reported to prevent hardening of the arteries and is important in fat and cholesterol metabolism and helps remove fats from the liver.

DCP is used as a nutritional supplement for flour, cake, pastry and also as a food additive for products such as milk powder and cold drinks. DCP is also used in the pharmaceutical industry to make calcium tablets.